Infrastructure : pics/Infrastructure.jpg

     The college has excellent laboratories with all the required state of the art instruments and equipment, class rooms, a conference hall, fields for research by the students, hostel and guest house facilities. The rooms in the hostels are provided with attached toilets, solar water heating system, 10 Mbps band width internet facility and an indoor gym. In addition, the laboratory and field facilities as well as the cricket/football court and the indoor auditorium of the ICAR Research Complex for the North East Hill Region, Umiam, are also made use of by the students.

Library : pics/Library.jpg

     The Library housed a collection of books, journals both Indian and international, bulletins, post graduate theses, magazines, CD-ROM collection. These are enriched with the addition of new title annually. Keeping pace with the uses of e-resources, the users of the Library now have access to e0journals subscribed for the different disciplines and to various e-resources under the consortium for e0resources in Agriculture (CeRA) and under DBT's e-Library consortium (DeLCON Consortium). Also equipped with state-of-the art Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities users have accessed to research and analytical software, statistical database and unlimited Net browsing. The Library also offers reprographic services to its users on a no profit no loss basis. The Library caters to the teaching faculties, students and staffs of the College and to frequent visitors from 9:30AM to 7:30PM from Monday through Friday and from 9:30AM to 4:30PM on Saturday.

     The College Library was recently equipped with KOHA an open source Integrated Library Management Software. All related in the house activities of the library ranging from cataloging, circulation, acquisition, patron management have been automated. The Collection of the Library is made accessible and can be viewed through the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) throughout the entire College campus.

     The present library building was inaugurated on the 4th May 2011, by the Hon'ble D.G ICAR and Secretary, DARE, Govt. of India, Dr S. Ayappan

Student Welfare : pics/GHostel.jpg pics/BHostel.jpg

     + Student Council : In pursuance of the section 39(1) of the statutes of the Central Agricultural University, a student council has been constituted for the year 2014-2015 with the primary objective of promoting intellectual activities, mental and physical health and character building.

     + Hostels : Boys' and Girls' Hostels are within the College premises.

     + Students' Welfare Cell : All student-related activities (including extra-curricular activities) are looked after the Students' Welfare Cell

Information Technology : pics/IT.jpg

     The Information Technology Facility in CPGS (CAU) includes Local Area Network (LAN) - Wired and localized Wireless (Wifi), Internet (dedicated 2 Mbps and newly installed 10 Mbps Leased Line Circuit), Intranet, Intercom, E-Resources, KOHA (Online Library), Computer Laboratory, Websites (University and College which are currently housed externally), etc., which have been centrally housed and distributed from the Server Room to the various locations within the college campus which covers the various schools, sections and hostels.

     Hence, the IT facilities are made available to all of the faculty members, staff and students of the college at their respective locations, within the campus.

     Also, the IT Cell of the college has been awarded the responsibilities of the maintenance of the CAU and CPGS Websites.

Farmers' Hostel-cum-Guest House : pics/FHostel.jpg

     The Farmers' Hostel of the College of Post-Graduate Studies (CAU) caters to the needs of visiting farmers, faculties and scientists to this College. The Hostel has eight double-bedded Non-AC rooms, eight AC rooms and two VIP suites. Homely food and environment with excellent hygiene is the hallmark of the Farmers' Hostel. Round the clock Wi-Fi Internet service keeps one always in touch with home and office. The accommodation is given on first-come first-served basis. A very nominal room rent is charged to the guests as decided by the university authority.

   For accommodation one can apply to:

     The Dean
     College of Post-Graduate Studies
     (Central Agricultural University)
     Umroi Road, Umiam, Meghalaya - 793103

     Ph. No. : +91-364-2570614

     Fax : +91-364-2570030

     E-mail :

     Shillong being a major tourist place, the Farmers' Hostel experiences a score of guests throughout the year. Hence, applicants should get confirmation about their booking before proceeding to the Farmers' Hostel.